SEO Tips For Youtubers

Do you think YouTube is just for entertainment seekers and gamers? Think again. Millions of businesses are using YouTube to reach out to their target audiences through video promotions. YouTube has over 1.9 billion active monthly users making it the second-most visited website on the web after Google. But that also means the competition is […]

SEO Marketing For Competitive Niches

If you think you can afford to ignore niche keyword research in your SEO strategy, think again. Online marketers and SEO experts have to be really nimble-footed nowadays to keep pace with Google search algorithmic updates.  Read this guide on how to do niche marketing and how to find niche keywords. However, one thing that remains unchanged and […]

SEO Guide For Beginners

SEO is a term often thrown around but what’s the best way to get started in SEO when you are new? Essentially there are two ways to show up on search engines, either be selected for free by the search engine or pay the search engine advertising dollars to show up there… Search engines are […]