Introducing The Updated Client Dashboard

Hey SEO Superstars!

Exciting news.. we have launched our new order dashboard today… Here is a quick summary of the key features…

A Single Multi Purpose Dashboard

We now have all our product offerings in one centralized location -this was done based on feedback. These are the same products you are used to at the same prices.. So the products are unchanged. Our core product, guest posts, is colored light blue…

Ability For Recurring Orders

We now have the optional feature where you can set up any new order to recur monthly. Many of you expressed the need for this to save time in reordering again and again. You spoke, we listened. You’ll see this recurring option show up when placing your next order.. take comfort that it’s easy to cancel at any time with a single click.

The trend towards ‘set and forget’ SEO is upon us.. this is one step towards our long term plan for our offering.

Experience For Yourself

So that’s it,,. log in and have a peek around.. we hope you like it and welcome any feedback!



Oh And PS you have the ability to upload a profile picture.. t’s a breath of fresh air for the team to see the faces of you our clients that whom we dedicate our careers to!