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Enclosed are a few examples of the amazing SEO results OutReach Frog delivers … 

Clearly, we are showcasing our ‘star performers’.. given that, it’s worth noting the impressive fact that;

‘9 in 10 clients see ranking improvements from just one single OutReach Frog order!’

Who Are Our Clients? 

OutReach Frog’s clients look just like you. Our clients share almost every industry imaginable.. spanning all sizes, ages and levels of SEO knowledge. Many clients approach us via referrals from other happy clients. 

The cases below help illustrate the fact that, SEO when done right is often the best performing advertising channel available to any website owner. 

The OutReach Frog team has been involved in SEO since 1996… Yes.. that’s before Google was even around! 

  1. OutReach Frog Increased A Retail Business’ Monthly Sales By $22,000 In Just 6 Weeks!


This client is a serial entrepreneur.. and recently started an online store. This store sells some semi-niche products from their own inventory and through a relationship with a major online retail site.

SEO History

Our client had tried link building the past with no noticeable results. We see this a lot.

The client’s website (while aesthetically pleasing ) was not ranking anywhere near page one. Likely, the poor SEO performance was a direct consequence of the many low quality links he had previously obtained elsewhere. 

The client was acutely aware of the value of ranking on page one but was torn as to how to best achieve this. Additionally, the goal of ranking on the same first page as major national brands seemed an almost insurmountable challenge.

The client, who had a competent digital marketing agency  was in the position of most clients – in need of some high quality links above and beyond the level most agencies normally provide. 

We informed the client to keep using his marketing agency… he trusted them and they were doing great work.. Agencies for the most part are generalists rather than specific SEO experts and very few claim to be….Our advice was keep doing what you’re doing, just enhance your efforts with our service. 

You see that’s what’s so valuable about our service. Our service compliments with your current marketing to amplify what you’re already doing well!  

The client purchased 3 x DA 30+ Links from us in January… It’s important to note that during this time, no other SEO was done. 

This case is a good illustration that nothing else is required to increase rankings than simply placing an order for our link products. 

The client had been spending a FORTUNE on PPC ads, and was looking for additional ways to attract valuable customers.

Before this client found us, he believed SEO, seemed TOO DIFFICULT TO SUCCEED IN… particularly in such a competitive space. 


From a 3 month investment of $1500 per month.. This client increased sales to customers from SEO by an enviable $22,000 per month.

Traffic is still increasing for this client… and with further orders with us..  this happy client has now close to 300 keywords in a highly competitive niche.

The owners SEO traffic is still growing and safe to say this is one happy client.



It goes without saying that customer is now a big fan of OutReachFrog and understands that SEO WHEN DONE RIGHT DELIVERES MASSIVE ROI.

*Thanks T.B for your lovely note and gift! We appreciate it… We are just glad to have been able to demonstrate a reason to have faith in SEO as a high ROI channel.. 


2. Another Fashion Site Increased Newsletter Signups By 143%

Outreach Frog is comprised of a team of web marketing veterans we’ve been promoting websites since 1996! 

We know SEO and we know what works. We have built our business on providing quality, cost-effective link-building services for clients just like you!


A fashion and travel blogger was gaining some traction with her site but was looking to increase visitors.

Sarah had tried using SEO services from an Indian company.. so it goes without saying there were a lot of poor quality links that were limiting her site’s ability to rise above competitors in search engine listings. 

This client approached us through a referral… We clearly communicated our products via a phone call.. and Sarah made the smart decision to try us by signing up for one of our managed SEO plans from Outreach Frog at $1200 a month.


Due to the abundant prior low-quality links the client obtained before they came to us,   it took longer than usual to notice an impact – about 6 weeks in this case. The client’s goal was newsletter signups, and we were able to more than double these.

Also through the increased traffic the blog experience a spike in social shares and other natural links referring to the site -including one from a major national news publication!


3. We Increased Traffic 11x For An Online Lender


This site had been around for a few years, and tried a bunch of different SEO strategies. The client knew that backlinks were important to the site, as well as quality, relevant content.


The site was in a very competitive niche, online short term loans in the USA. They were competing against some fairly established sites with large AD budgets both online and offline. Our clients brand was relatively unheard of.

The client started with us in January, and we took their traffic value from less than $1000, all the way up to $11,000.


This was from investing $800 a month with us. The client is now experiencing 11x more revenue.

Considering that cost per clicks in the industry are around $15, we basically were 1/3 of the price of doing PPC ads, plus what they spent was an INVESTMENT, as the rankings maintain themselves over time.

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4. Legal Services Site Increase Leads by 240%

A law firm in the US had some fairly decent traffic with a site that had been around since 2013

They were seeking ways to attract more clients on certain useful keywords, HIGH VALUE keywords, that delivered them their MOST PRFOFITABLE  types of clients

Here is what happened in January

The Client purchased 2 Guest posts from us and 2 Content pieces for their site.

Leads increased the next month by 100%, to settle at 240% increase 3 months later.

This client now is a regular user of our guest posts, and has been able to pause other types of advertising.

Effectively reducing their AD SPEND while at the same time INCREASING LEADS. While receiving leads that convert better and deliver higher income.


All sites are capable of increasing their rankings, some time more time and more investment than others. SEO when done right is often the best ROI type marketing for a website ESPECIALLY in competitive niches or industries.


From the above, we help businesses in all industry outperform their peers, using an SEO strategy utilizing quality guest posts. Set up an appointment or place an order today to see how we can help your business achieve more visitors, sales and conversions today! 

Outreach Frog provides agencies and savvy website owners the ability to rank higher. Our done-for-you blogger outreach service uses best practices to deliver stellar results, whether for your own site or agencies looking to offer reseller SEO services. 

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