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Health Company Increases Site Visitors by 500% in one month and we’re not kidding

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Last month, the client called us before we had time to post his monthly report, his results were that good.

One of our client’s had some fantastic results and we just have to share them with you.


Client’s objectives


Our client is a source for home workout equipment who also sells medical supplies, such as n95 face masks.  The client had launched a new product and having seen success with another branded, contacted OutReachFrog to help increase organic positions


What client ordered

The client purchased a Platinum monthly SEO Plan – this includes 1 DA 30+ post per month and 8 DA 50+ posts per month.

Due to our efforts, the client increased his site traffic from 5,000 to over 24,000 within a month, close to a 500% increase.  The client about fell off of his seat, he was so overwhelmed with the increase.


Typically, backlinks with us are a long term investment – however its always pleasing to see the occasional site that responds instantly to our unique approach to SEO.


Not only did the client traffic increase, he also began ranking for search terms that he did not normally rank for.  Even though we did not target the keyword “n95 masks for sale”, in one month the client moved from position 10 to 4, going up six places in a category with 126,000 monthly search visitors.


The results (at month one)

SEO is a long term investment – and most sites take 2-3 months for results… these results only compound and increase over time. This client’s site responded particularly well to OutReachFrog’s unique approach to seo – with large increases in just the first month.

For many of his search terms, he moved into the top 10, some keywords the client was not ranking previously for.  We were blown away.

– For n 95 masks jumped from position 24 to 4 in a 2100 monthly search visitor category 

where to buy n95 masks jumped from 7 to 6 in a 20,000 category

n95 mask for sale – the client did not previously rank for this term and got 2200 visitors to his site just from this one term. He is now ranking number 5 for this term.

– For the term n95 mask for sale, the client jumped from 12 to 9 in a category with 180,000 search volume, so this again put the client into the top 10 for another search term

n95 mask sale jumped from 24 to 7, a gain of 17 in a category of 1100 site visitors and into the top 10 keywords, so again into the top 10 for his category

We are extremely pleased that we are seeing such awesome jumps and position changes throughout his keyword list for this client. 

The client was so impressed with our results, we’re now working on backlinks for a second website. What helped is that this client OutReachFrog alone for their link building.

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