Online Marketing & Backlinking

Whether you’re a veteran website owner of many years or someone who’s just starting, in order to succeed online, your website must first be able to be found.

Today’s internet is a different landscape than it was years ago, as new trends in mobile, social and video are replacing old ways of marketing- where does this leave pre-digital marketing websites?

Sites today are no longer promoted via static electronic billboards or renowned newspapers. Today’s websites are living, breathing portals for two-way communication and sales that have such potential that many entrepreneurs have made them their primary focus.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, if you’re like most people, you have all the evidence you need. Perhaps you are staring at it right now – your smartphone.

Taking a quick glance at your own browsing history will reveal searches leading to all manner of businesses, with the common thread being that they were all found on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo.

The message is crystal clear – if you want your business to exceed, it first needs to be found.

Why Investing in Digital Marketing For Your Website Is A No-Brainer

Though it should probably go without saying that you need to market your website, the concept still seems to be something profoundly misunderstood by website owners – and overcomplicated by hype and miscommunication.

We live in a world that is not only driven completely by networking and digital systems, but an economy that is, too. In today’s world, online success depends mainly upon search.

This is more critical now more than ever as customers turn to digital searches over traditional forms of shopping.

What this means for entrepreneurs who want to win in general is that they need to learn how to effectively turn their websites into positive vehicles of growth for their businesses.

Your website marketing being the most important  – and that means getting it to rank higher on search engines.

Ranking Fundamentals

In order to understand what stands behind website rankings, you first need to understand a few truisms of the internet of today.

Realistically, there is one major search engine (Google) and they have well over 90% of the market share for search in most countries worldwide.

This isn’t a bad thing, this means there is one central source of information and best practices for us to follow in order to know how to rank.

Central to this is the understanding of what motives search engines have in the first place, in a word – relevance.

Search engines usage is driven by the relevance of the results that they produce, if the results are poor, users will go elsewhere – so regulators are very careful to police this very well.

In order to keep results relevant, search scans all the web pages it can find, and it looks at the contents of those pages, the frequency of updates, and number of other criteria (including backlinks) – which ultimately determines the order in which websites will rank.

SEO & Search – Basics

As stated earlier, SEO is not a single process or method – it’s an entire matrix of different methods, efforts, and technologies that all collectively fall under this blanket term.

What groups all of these efforts and technologies together is the intent and nuance of their usage – this is where search engine optimization comes in, also known as (SEO).

You may be experiencing or have experienced the confusion surrounding this term, especially when you add in the cacophony of voices from “clever marketers”, all extolling their opinions of this specific subject. 

  • So let’s cut out all the noise and talk about salient points only.

On-Page SEO (also called on-page optimization) is something performed on your website itself, it’s usually done by the developers who produce your site, and it includes a wide variety of relatively minor tasks performed to make the website more friendly and visible to search.

Off-Site SEO is performed off the website and refers to a wide variety of efforts designed to optimize the website for an array of ranking factors including submitting to relevant directories, refuting negative claims, correcting incorrect local business listings and more.

SEO isn’t a cost, it’s an Investment!

  • The most important thing to understand is that investing in ranking your website higher on search engines is not a cost – it’s a substantive investment in your business.

    When your business succeeds in search the impact could not be greater, ultimately the success of a business in search today is synonymous with success itself. Yes really, the correlation is that strong.

    Now, you may be saying to yourself something like “I agree with investing in my website and SEO, but it’s just not for me, I run a local only business”.

    If the above summarizes or comes approximately close to what you’re thinking then, we implore you to read on because times have changed in a big way.

    SEO isn’t just an investment for mega corporations anymore, and this was really a kind of folklore anyway – regional and local businesses have always benefitted from ranking anyway.

    However, today, more than ever consumers are turning en masse to local search to find everything from dentists to good seafood – it’s a smartphone-&-search driven world today.

    With consumer behavior leading to the necessities of SEO, it’s plain to see, catering to local searchers is now and has been a great strategy for a while now, so this begs the question, what kind of SEO should you invest in?

    The fact is, SEO can be purchased in a wide variety of forms, and they are certainly not at all created equal.

    Without going into the very permutations and variations of campaigns which exist, the fact is that services with the label “SEO” can be purchased in a wide variety of forms with entirely different cost structures.

    Despite such a high degree of diversity of SEO services, the fact remains that only certain companies follow best practices that actually produce results.

    Of all the methods of helping a site to rank quickly and efficiently, one stands above all others and that is backlinking.

Where does backlinking fit in?

Backlinks also play an enormously outsized role in website rankings and, along with guest blogging, form the basis of the powerful form of SEO offered by Outreach Frog.

We combine the writing of high-engagement, high-quality content with publication on high domain authority (DA) publishing sites – along embedded do-follow backlinks to our client’s target website.

This method, performed on a routine basis using numerous targeted publishers, allows us to build extremely strong backlink profiles for our clients – allowing them to rank quickly and effectively on the most popular search engines.

Why should I invest in backlinks?

There are numerous reasons why backlinking is such an effective form of SEO and performs so well over the long term for such a diverse group of websites, the main reason however is no mystery – it’s because it aligns directly with search itself.

Google invented and continues to maintain and operate the Page Rank system, which rewards websites for having inbound backlinks by increasing the Page Rank (and thus the Domain Authority) and therefore ranking them higher for their target keywords.

This basic truism – that Page Rank is still at the heart of Google’s own methodology, ensures that sites with healthy backlink profiles will outperform those without.

Now, you may be thinking, can’t sites just cheat and put up tons of phony links? Err no!

When Page Rank first launched and for several years thereafter, it was indeed exploited heavily by those seeking to manipulate search rankings via keyword stuffing and low-quality contetn. Google put a stop to this long ago and has since increased penalties and increased countermeasures tremendously.

On today’s internet, it’s not a good idea to practice Black Hat (quasi-illegal / unethical) SEO methods, since getting caught is almost assured and penalties are severe.

High quality backlinks are embedded within engaging content and published on websites with DA (Domain Authority) and relevant to the target website as well. These are the kinds of backlinks search wants to see – and it’s what we deliver.

What makes our SEO methods different?

There are numerous things which differentiate us from nearly all other companies in this field and give our clients a competitive advantage over their competitors.

A Quality First Approach

As a company our approach to SEO is different from many from the very outset because we understand that quality will always outperform quantity in the long term. So, we long ago set out to make that the foundation of our services.

Hand-Selected Publisher Sites

We work with a vast network of publishers that we’ve built relationships with over many, many years. Our publishers are hand-selected for being the best fit the vertical niches of clients industries.

We arrive at the right fit for each client by researching every client who comes aboard and studying the trends, competition, geography, and industry nuance that will influence this.

Engaging Content

Online Marketing - Engaging Content

Our approach to guest blogging is also quite unique and quality-centered. We employ professional writers with qualified backgrounds and experience in our industry.

We task them with writing engaging, high-quality content that actually benefits the publishing sites. See, unlike many, we go the extra mile in this way so that our clients reap rewards for years and years to come.

This is because the content written by our writers is higher-quality and more apt to receive high viewership, this means that publishers like to keep it online indefinitely, it’s win/win for them and our clients!


Something that has traditionally limited many companies when it comes to backlinking, has been the ability to scale up the production of more and more backlinks to meet their demands.

This is not a problem at Outreach Frog.

One of the reasons many of our clients like working with us is because they can count on our ability to deliver them backlinks on an ongoing basis in a worry-free manner.

This scalability means a lot to businesses that increasingly rely upon the web and desire success and stability online from their backlinks.

High DA Backlinks

When it comes to the DA of our publishing sites, our rule is to always under promise and overdeliver.

What this translates into is the fact that our advertised DA rankings for our backlinks are minimums only! Meaning, we nearly always exceed the advertised numbers, sometimes by nearly 50% or better.

This is a huge reason why clients love our backlinks – they have the raw power to have a huge impact.

Focused Professionalism

We are not a company who is trying to be all things to all people, not at all – we’re specialists in SEO backlinking and it shows.

Our work is highly detailed, nuanced and requires a degree of finesse to execute in the manner we do, this is in fact inherent to all services of this manner.

Though this isn’t a factor that’s easily quantified, it has a major impact upon the SEO we provide to our clients because it requires the application of that professionalism, and it shows in a big way.


Marketing a website today is as fundamental as putting fuel in an automobile, it turns a website from an idle toy into a useful vehicle to propel business growth.

This has to be done with an eye for efficiency and with definitive goals in mind that align with the businesses offline goals as well.

The trends towards increased mobile and local internet usage presage changing times ahead for website owners, as the edgy things of today become the norms of tomorrow.

Backlink-based SEO is perhaps the best possible form of internet marketing when viewed through the financial lens of ROI – return on investment.

History has shown repeatedly, again and again, that websites with robust backlink profiles outperform their peers everywhere in search.

Investing in SEO is a long term project for any website, and it should be treated as a pure and necessary investment because ultimately, a durable edifice of ranking is the most surefire way to succeed in today’s networked world.