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Experienced and beginner SEO’s alike benefit from free tools to check their google rankings for keywords quickly and easily. Luckily, there are lots of rank checking or keyword position research tools both free and paid on the internet that can offer your fantastic SEO insights into your site so that you can make sure that your success continues.


I know, I know, I just said that Google does not offer the kind of information you need in order to get an idea regarding how your site is ranking on valuable SERPs. However, there is quite a lot you can do if you think you have identified valuable keywords within your niche. Quite simply, plug those keywords of key phrases into Google and see how long it takes for you to find your site. With that being said, this is pretty hard to do over a long period of time and simply won’t give you the detailed information you need to really craft a strategy when it comes to what you want to do next to improve your site’s online presence.

Best of all this is rank tracking software is free – and offers insightful information as they are a great source of search data from their site.

Still, if you plug in those valuable keywords and see your site near or at the top of the list, you will at least know that you’re doing something right!


Ahrefs is an incredible tool that is the favorite go-to for many SEO experts. The reason why is because Ahrefs can afford you all kinds of insights into your site’s online presence. Some of the most popular things Ahrefs offers include giving a user the ability to see how powerful a given site is when it comes to things like domain authority and organic traffic, gives a user the chance to see who ranks highest for specific keywords and gives a user the chance to see where a given site is getting their backlinks from.

The only thing to know about Ahrefs is that it does come at a price, with varying degrees of costs offering users different levels of access.



Another highly popular resource that SEO experts and website owners alike depend on is SEMRush. This site is primarily focused on offering online entrepreneurs an all-in-one marketing toolkit that allows them to gain important insights when it comes to what they’re accomplishing, what still needs work, and how they can improve their company’s online presence going forward.

SEMRush allows offers website owners in-depth reports that break down important info such as keyword ranking, progress reports, and more. This is a favored tool when doing manual blogger outreach or just generally wanting to clearly assess a site’s SEO performance.


Another fantastic tool that you can put to use is Web CEO and their SEO Analytics tool. Thanks to Web CEO, site owners can analyze, and measure tons of different important statistics related to your site. Some of the most important to consider include how your landing pages on your site perform, how fast your site is loading, and other back-end SEO issues that may exist on your site. You’ll even be able to take advantage of a DIY SEO checklist so that you can start to form your strategy going forward.


Moz has been an important site in the SEO work for many years, so it shouldn’t come as much of a shock that they offer one of the most highly regarded ranking checkers that is currently available. Their Rank Tracker is available to any Moz Pro user and helps you quickly and easily identify which sites out there are ranking for what valuable keywords in your niche. This is not only useful because it allows you to find out whether or not your site is ranking, but also because it opens your eyes to some sites and competitors that you may want to start replicating in order to gain similar success. SEO is an ongoing arms race no matter the niche, and Moz is a fantastic weapon that you can use in that battle!

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Finally, we have SERPWatcher. The reason why this site is so valuable for website owners is that it is incredibly mobile. They offer both desktop and mobile support so that you can get important information on how your new post is performing without having to slog over to your computer. Beyond that, SERPWatcher allows users to gain real-time data so that you’ll always be up to the minute on important information regarding your site. Finally, this site allows users to check for local rankings, meaning that you can filter out geographic factors that might impact your visibility at certain levels.

Position Tracking Software Summed Up

Overall, the way in which one site gains SEO success is both formulaic and unique. You need to always be willing to evolve and grow to gain the most out of your online presence as possible. Hopefully, these fantastic options help you on your way to achieving SEO success and total dominance over your competitors in your niche

Ever since the very early days on the internet, it became clear that it was going to be an incredible boon for all kinds of businesses. With that being said, it is likely that very few people predicted just how necessary it would truly become.

Over the last several decades, business empires in all different kinds of industries and markets have risen and fallen due to their ability to utilize the internet in order to attract and retain customers. While opportunities for great success are vast thanks to the internet, there is no doubt that you will be facing quite a bit of competition no matter how unique and specific your market or niche is.

For that reason, companies of all kinds have turned to SEO – or search engine optimization – experts to help them mine all the value they can out of their online presence. SEO is super important when it comes to helping your online presence and website, and by extension, your entire company, not only survive, but thrive! That’s because the basic goal of search engine optimization is to make your site and the pages and content on your site rank as highly as possible on important SERPs – or search engine result pages – on major search engines such as Google and Bing.

The basic idea of SEO is to construct great content on your site, build links that appear on other high authority sites that work as online voucher points, improve your site’s code and make sure that your site looks as good and runs as well as possible so that Google ranks it highly when people search for results in your niche. Position tracking software helps you see how your site is performing for certain keywords and allow you to visualize and quantify how those rankings in SERPS adjust over times.

For example, if you own a business that does residential or industrial construction in and around the greater Chicago area, you are going to want to make sure that when people search “construction Chicago” on Google, that your business is coming up! Ideally, it’s going to be the very first thing they see.

So, in order to rank highly, you may either do what you can to learn the basics of SEO or as I said, depend on an SEO export. But it can be hard to figure out what SEO is doing unless you really know how to monitor what gains are being made. All the hard work that you do won’t help you all that much if you are not able to monitor how well you are ranking.

The primary reason is that if you cannot monitor is, you will not be able to figure out how to improve going forward! While it would be great if Google offered everything you needed to know about how you are ranking, they do not at this point.

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