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OutReachFrog PowerLinks™

A link building process so powerful we trademarked it. PowerLinks™ are known to rank sites effectively – they’re great for competitive niches.

These links are placed on websites with high visibility and require significant effort on our end. In addition to the SEO value these links provide, they also benefit you with real traffic.

Sustainable, Lasting Power

PowerLinks™ are placed on publisher website that have REAL traffic. These links are the holy grail when it comes to white hat links. Your link is featured in relevant articles that are of interest to readers on news sites, lifestyle blogs, and industry publications.

Our clients are fully satisfied with the traffic and SEO value they get from our PowerLinks™.

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Popular Because it Works

We have a proprietary process that ensures the most effective sites are selected provide maximum SEO value. Do not be fooled by cheap imitators. Our PowerLinks™ are highly effective and search engine safe

The Process

Enter Your Details

We need to know which site and page you want to rank. Our links are so powerful they will rank multiple pages on your website.

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We Begin Quickly

Our SEO team identifies sites that are relevant and contain the correct metrics to rank your website. Next, we secure a top link placement.


You Get Traffic

92% of our clients see rankings improve from a single order. We also provide full reporting, which is great for agencies who white label our services.



Powerful white hat backlinks

  • US generated content
  • Sites with 1000+ monthly visitors
  • Niche relevant placements
  • Seo optimized links
  • Builds site authority


Great for authority building

  • US generated content
  • Sites with 5000+ monthly visitors
  • Niche relevant placements
  • Seo optimized links
  • Builds site authority


Our premier product

  • US generated content
  • Sites with 10,000+ monthly visitors
  • Niche relevant placements
  • Seo optimized links
  • Builds site authority

Standard PowerLink™

$ 250 per link
  • Get Powerful White Hat Backlinks On Sites With 1000+ Monthly Visitors

Medium PowerLink™

$ 400 per link
  • Get Powerful White Hat Backlinks On Sites With 5000+ Monthly Visitors

Platinum PowerLink™

$ 550 per link
  • Get Powerful White Hat Backlinks On Sites With 10000+ Monthly Visitors
Joanna used our Powerlinks to outperform her competition

Read full case study here 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the large amount of work involved for us please allow 14 to 21 days for orders to be delivered.

Top tier sites (often well known ones) with great traffic and hand picked for their ability to power your site with higher rankings. We aim for niche relevance and if you are a location specific business, sites that help you rank in your geographic area

We have decades of SEO experience with a focus on quality content. Quality content gets us access to top sites as well as the having your links in a well constructed article results in greater authority and SEO value being passed from these links.

We deliver highly engaging content provided by in-house journalists specifically crafted for a target publisher. Publishers are in the business of engaging readers – when we provide this high quality content for free they understand the value of what we provide and agree to link to your site. We link to only one client per article, so you get maximum SEO value

These links are so powerful that only three links per month provides significant ranking improvements. Keen to rank faster? Sites looking to rank faster or those in competitive niches benefit from more links.

As publishers value our content – it brings visitors to their site also – our links last for many years. Please keep in mind that third-party publishers are somewhat out of our control so less than 5% of our links last less than 3 years. We do provide a replacement guarantee with a within 12 months for added peace of mind

Yes. Paying for links is against search engines policies. However you are paying for an article to be featured as guest post on a site that happens links to you. Now you might think that sounds a workaround. It’s not really a workaround – it’s something search engines not only tolerate but appreciate. Here’s why..

Search engines are in the business of providing useful and informative content to its searchers. The more content there is on the web to satisfy its audience, the more beneficial search engines are to customers as a whole. We create high-quality content that site owners appreciate and are happy to post and link to our clients in return for receiving this content. 

Where you get into trouble is when you take activity that offers no value to readers and is purely intended to gain a link. That doesn’t help anyone. 

Sometimes this idea of ‘quality’ gets taken a bit far. Some clients think they must be featured in forbes.com or nytimes.com in order for a link to be of best value. In fact, those top tier sites very rarely offer a ‘do follow’ link, and a ‘no follow’ link does very little for SEO. 

So yes, your quest for quality is right. However, we recommend paying attention to the quality of the content in the article that is posted with some reference the the metrics of the publisher. It’s important to make sure the site is something that search engines may want to send visitors. 

The wonderful thing about our Powerlinks is that they compliment and work alongside any other seo strategy or endeavors you are working on, or have worked on in the past.

While Powerlinks are all you need for your site to perform well – some clients like their ability to balance their lower quality links that exist from link building already done in the past

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