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The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Benjamin Franklin

Genuine, manual blogger outreach takes time… a whole lot of time! 

Anyone who has tried it themselves knows this.. even with the ‘best’ tools sometimes it just comes down to repeated phone calls to a number of publishers pleading with them to post our content.

We price per placement rather than per hour, to eliminate risk for you and provide you with the benefit of up front transparency.  Basically, you know up front exactly what the costs will be. 

Our team has been doing this since 1996. As such, we have an extensive rolodex of publishers with strong relationships. We even send some publishers birthday cards and gifts for the holidays!

You’re really paying for our time. 

The extensive research and writing involved when our US writers craft content. Also the time invested by our SEO team to then optimize that content for maximum value. Further, the major component is the time involved in reaching out to sites to place that content. 

Manual outreach is time consuming. Our commitment to only use US writers with a publishing pedigree comes with an associated cost – but we know from experience that quality content is what makes our service so effective in generating SEO results. 

We are the only provider in the industry that we know of that includes US college educated journalists as a minimum requirement for our work. One even went to Harvard!

We get told this more than you’d think. 

Our team has been doing this since 1996, so over the years we have built and nurtured solid relationships with publishers. This is an enormous time saving. 

Plus we’re got some robust systems in place – one of our founders has a background in manufacturing of all things, so we’ve got a good handle on efficiency and constant process improvements. This gets passed on to you in the way of lower costs. 

As you may know the the decline in paid newsprint  over the past decade has drastically reduced the market rate for journalist’s work. If you’d like to tip your writer to help them out there is the ability to do so.

Agencies love our products and easily mark up our rates to their clients at a factor of 2x.

As a free inclusion for agencies -we completely white label our work. This provides the option for you to present the work as your own.

Additionally, we provide bulk order discounts to agencies who meet a minimum $2000 spend per month. While we have a strong commitment to be more results oriented than sales oriented.. agencies do also receive access to their own dedicated account manager. 

This comes back to the amount of time required by our team to deliver on each.

Basically DA placements are more comprehensive the higher you go. This is for two reasons. 

1. There are less high DA websites in existence; and

2 Everyone wants to be on them.

Higher quality (DA) sites come back to us with more edits, more no’s, more requests rewrite articles and start again. They’re fussy and rightfully so! Our relationships and the quality of our writing goes a long way towards successful placements on top quality sites. 

Personally, the DA 50+ Is the best value. 

We get a number of emails confirming if we are indeed offering genuine outreach, as the prices seem too low for the large amount of work involved. We are priced not too dissimilar from inferior substitutes out there in the market, so can understand the reason behind the thinking.

Well our team has been doing this since 1996, so we have an extensive 

Basically we aim to find the best placements for the quality SEO optimized content we write. Also we see from experience that you’ll get better results with a DA50 SEO optimized article than a DA80 where we’ve had to compromise the article just to get the placement.

Also DA50+ is exactly that, with a plus on the end. Often a DA50+ will secure you a DA much higher.. we just like to have the ability to place you on a great DA site without that gives you the most powerful outcome.

No Nonsense Pricing

Affordable Guest Posting Services For Growing Business' and Agencies

Starter Posts

$ 80
  • DA 10+ Post
  • Relevant Contextual Link
  • Authority Links
  • US Writer
  • Backlink Boost
  • Word Count Boost
  • Traffic Guarantee
  • Rapid Indexing

Performance Posts

$ 160
  • DA 30+ Post
  • Relevant Contextual Link
  • Authority Links
  • US Writer
  • Backlink Boost
  • Word Count Boost
  • Traffic Guarantee
  • Rapid Indexing

Prime Posts

$ 400
  • DA 50+ Post
  • Relevant Contextual Link
  • Authority Links
  • US Wrioter
  • Backlink Boost
  • Word Count Boost
  • Site Traffic Minimum
  • Rapid Indeximg

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