How We Are Different?

We are SEO professionals first and foremost. We have seen all the trends across the years and stick to certain proven types of link building – backlinks from top sites placed in relevant articles. The biggest hurdle to overcome is shifting thinking away from obtaining hundreds of low quality links each month to several high quality links.

Why only a few links?

It’s tempting to consider lots of links will generate better results. That is true. However lots of low quality links often do more harm than good. This is because the links typically offered in the market place are low quality. Search engines are smart, and looks more at where the link is from then rewarding sites that have lots of links that have been built. If it’s easy for you to get a link, it’s easy for competitors to do so also.

The best link is a link from a site that are difficult to obtain… further if the link is within relevant content on a site that readers of the site would actually actively want to read -this helps enormously. The benefit of this is that pages that have readers are considered more legitimate, and in turn the sites they link to are considered more legitimate. Building these links builds trust in the eyes of a search engine – this translates to higher rankings, and no yo-yoing of placements in search results.