There are many guides online as to what is best to use for anchor text.

From our experience we encourage clients to keep the following in mind;

  1. Generic Anchors – eg see more, this page, click here, find out more, read more, visit site
  2. Naked URL – eg
  3. Exact Match Keyword – The keyword you are trying to rank for such as “Maine Florist”
  4. Partial Match Keyword – eg “Maine florists are preparing for summer”
  5. Branded Keyword – your brand e.g. ‘Webnet Security Systems’

Mostly clients who have a history of SEO would have a higher proportion of exact match and partial match – as thats what worked in the past.

Recommendation: So we recommend sites stick only to 1,2 & 5 from the above list

If in doubt leave blank and our team will pick what we consider the most effective.

Additional Info (Advanced)

The above is true for 95% of links.

We aim to give full and complete information for clients with a very high level of SEO knowledge. It may be beneficial to depart from the above recommendation in the following cases (however if in doubt leave blank and we can do for you);

  1. You have a new page specifically designed for one keyword that is in a non competitive niche and you want to rank quickly
  2. You have excessive branded keywords already
  3. You want to rank an english page in multi languages
  4. Your brand name is a search term itself – such as ‘Marios Online Astrology’
  5. You have a page that does rank, or is likely to rank, for a large number of long tail keywords – exact match may be beneficial in that case if done sparingly