Managed SEO provides our members with regular recurring SEO combined with the support of our entire team. As SEO is something that benefits from regular work, managed SEO provides the key benefit of being a simple and effective way to ensure this work is being done.

Our Approach

Each Managed SEO tier provides the equal amount each month towards all of our products. So a $1200 plan delivers $1200 at our standard rates allocated towards our SEO products. The entire amount goes towards products, no charges for support, strategy or the other help we provide our members.

How Managed SEO Works

The moment you start, we begin thoroughly researching your site and industry to provide guidance on how best to allocate amongst our products. This comes in the form of a documented suggested plan laid out in advance as to what products are of best value to your site.

Our Managed SEO works well for clients requiring additional support or who like the comfort that their SEO is being taken care of while knowing exactly what work will be completed ahead of time.

Upon commencement we invest time in understanding your current site’s performance and provide a suggested plan for the future months. This is sent to you for comment, approval or modification if desired.

Then we review your sites performance at month 2-3 and if needed we revise the plan in consultation between you and your dedicated account manager.

Our Managed SEO allows clients to be as deeply involved or as hands off as they desire. We welcome each clients approach. Many clients are comfortable once they see the progress their site has made with our Managed SEO plan to continue with our strategy suggestions.

Contracts are optional

OutReach Frog operates on the view that an SEO provider is more closely aligned with generating high performance when clients are free to cancel at any time. As such we offer two options, contracts and no contracts. Pricing is lower for contract clients. We aim to build client relationships for life and an important part of that involves providing this flexibility. Also, our results provide a natural incentive for members to continue with us long term.

Managed SEO Clients Are Highly Valued

As the majority of the SEO work we do involves high quality guest posts, being able to plan ahead and manage order volume on our end is a big help for us, so in turn we give our Managed SEO members our highest priority when it comes to support and delivering quality results.

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