Domain Authority (commonly referred to as DA) is a search engine ranking score that works to predict how well a website will rank on a given search engine’s results page (or SERPs).

Domain Authority for a given site ranks from one to 100, and the higher a site’s DA is, the greater its ability to rank is. It’s a general number that is used by companies to help give some guidelines on what to expect. We go deeper, as what makes a good placement is not the DA, but the quality of the content and the SEO metrics of the site that publishes the content.

When considering domain authority of either your site, or a site that you are interested in working on, consider that the 100-point scale is logarithmic. That means that it is much easier to grow from 20 to 30 DA than it is to from 70 to 80 DA.

Most of our DA50+ come in much higher. ie the DA on the product is not a limit but a minimum commitment. If you are not sure which to order we highly recommend a DA 30+ or higher.

How is Domain Authority Calculated?

Domain Authority is an external, impartial industry wide metric calculated using a number of different factors relating to a given website. Factors such as link root domains, number of total links, and more factor into the creation of a site’s DA score.

This score is typically used when comparing sites or tracking their ranking strength over a different website over a certain span of time. One important factor to keep in mind is that Domain Authority is not a metric that is used by Google when it comes to search rankings, rather it reflects what a site’s search ranking will likely be based on factors that are closely related to SEO.

Why This Matters

  • In a nutshell a DA 20 site is far more powerful than 2x a DA 10 site… A DA 30 is far more than 3x more powerful than a DA 10… and so on… due to the LOGARITHMIC nature of the metric. 
  • When placing orders to build links… you need a mix of low and high DA… Although ultimately it’s the high DA sites that have the greatest impact on your rankings.
  • A DA 30 is 10x more powerful than a DA20
  • We look at more than just DA when selecting sites, however DA is a good way to know the ‘minimum’ of what you will obtain.