What happens after you place an order?

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Wondering what happens after you place an order? 

We get to work looking for the best place for your backlink! In this article, we describe exactly what we do to get you the highest quality backlink possible

We identify publishers we believe would be of value for the site.  This is our secret sauce – knowing what characteristics to look for in publishers to help give your site that needed lift.  

We develop ideas to publish. We write engaging titles for the publishers we are looking to work with. We develop article ideas that we know will attract visitors.  We contact our shortlist of publishers. And we require that publishers always provide a ‘do follow link’. 

We craft the article.  All articles are written by US writers, so we’re confident the content will rate high in the eyes of the search engines.  We aim to provide readable and engaging articles that generate traffic for the publisher. When we do this, the article continues to generate traffic over the long term. Your link lasts longer. 

Our SEO team optimizes the articles. This includes writing headers, checking keyword density, and the inclusion of certain key phrases above and beyond the keywords you are looking to rank for.  

Finally, we send the article to the publisher and wait.  As publishers work to their own schedules and not ours, the time to get an article published can vary. Also, at times publishers may want article revisions so that the article will fit more within the site’s style and tone. This is the reason that your backlink usually vary in delivery dates.  We are simply trying to get you the best backlink position possible.

Once the post is live, we send you the result in email and load the result in the client dashboard!  For clients who have ordered a boost option – we start building those lower value links to the articles – taking approximately two weeks. 

We know that your site means a lot to you. We are as invested as you in helping your site succeed at SEO, because as your business grows, so does ours. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.