What To Look For In A White Label Digital SEO Company

Digital Marketing is complex. Agencies have a lot to focus on, the core of this is keeping clients happy. Agencies these days are expected to be able to service clients across all channels – yet each channel has its own understanding and resource threshold that must be met to succeed with.

With paid advertising costs on the rise, many clients are wanting to invest more in SEO. Being able to effectively service clients for the SEO needs is more crucial than ever to keeping and retaining clients.

OutReach Frog is a trusted white label agency partner that helps agencies of all sizes deliver quality SEO that generates solid results as well as adhering to strict white hat methods.

Guest posting is considered the most effective SEO technique in 2020. Why? Because when done right it’s the only thing you can do that actually will work. However no two guest posts are the same. We should rephrase the above as “Guest posts can be the best or worst thing you ever decide to do in your life”. The future of a site will never be the same.

But it said ‘guest post’ on the label?!?!

We have alot of industry experience, and can share that there is a difference between providers who ‘offer guest posts’ and those who are SEO’s at their core who understand how to deliver an effective guest post.

If all you care about is delivering a post so that your client can feel good that some SEO work has been done – we are not the right provider for you.

If you want to actually have a strong impact on your clients rankings and revenue, that is, provide clients with real value so they continue to do business with you – the only real way to do this sustainably is by delivering results.

Just because SEO has a degree of ‘opaqueness’ to it is no reason to think that shortcuts will be more effective than doing things the correct way.

In the market, there is much variance in what is considered a ‘guest post’. Really any article that links to a client’s site qualifies as a guest post.. please don’t be fooled by this.. Often in SEO common sense plays a big role and if you’ve read this far you clear have a supply of it. Search engines are billion dollar companies and care about delivering the best search results. If all you needed to do to increase a sites rankings was just post a few articles with a link in it why would search engines reward that behavior? How does that help the search engines sustain their business of delivering quality search results?

It really is incomprehensible to think that a search engine would jeopardize their billion dollar valuation to preference a site in their results on the sole basis that they ‘did a few guest posts’…

Thats just not how it works.

So to build effective backlinks it takes time and it’s costly. They need to be created by someone who understands the SEO impact, not someone who is presenting half baked work for the purpose of ‘qualifying’ as a guest post… while knowing that the work they provide will do absolutely nothing from a SEO perspective.. and often will cause a decrease in rankings.

The fact that guest posts are popular contains the very reason why low quality guest posts will not work. If it’s easy for everyone to do it, it’s not going to set a site apart as being unique. And SEO at the end of the day is ALWAYS about understanding the line between uniqueness and what is commonplace and the particular approach required in each situation.

How Your Agency Can Benefit

Many of our agency clients understand the fundamentals of SEO as it comes to on page optimization. That is half the battle. Where we come in is we support agencies with the off page activities, specifically high quality backlinks through guest posts. We are not wedded to guest posts, we take on any type of links that we think will work. Today, what we find is guest posts are the only type of links that work in any sustainable and non-detrimental way.

An SEO agency may be great at keyword research, on-page optimization, conversion optimization, technical aspects, site architecture analysis, content analysis, and competitor analysis. We support agencies by supplementing the existing great work they do with high quality backlinks.

It’s true – to manage a successful blogger outreach campaign a solid understanding of SEO is required. However where this aspect of SEO differs from on page is that most of the work involves hours and hours of repetitive work. Reaching out to the right sites, pitching ideas for content, modifying content. Unless you have a dedicated team experienced in manual outreach – it’s a set up cost that most agencies would prefer to invest in other areas of their business.

To create a successful blogger outreach campaign you require so much more than just sending out emails in order to solicit a backlink (or finding some half baked supplier that you know right away from the price it’s not going to work). Each post we create takes over 15 hours of labor. There is the writing of the article.. the shortlisting of sites, pitching, editing and placing the article.

While you can put a price on labor, its not so easy to put a price on expertise and our systems of quality control and site selection to deliver the best possible results for your client.

buy guest post agency
The fastest way to go out of business as an agency is to cut corners with clients.

Here are some things you should look out for when researching a blogger outreach agency. 

Experienced SEO Reseller

Case studies are integral to choosing the right reseller agency which will know what you need and how to go about accomplishing it. Lets face it, its your clients or your website on the line, and with many operators out there that promise the world yet deliver an atlas, its makes a big difference to deal with the right company from the get-go.

You would want to work with a private label seo reseller that is of a good size. This helps in ensuring the work is done in the best possible time and with a team that has high quality reporting templates so that your completed work looks impressive to your client.

Past experience speaks volumes about how an outreach agency will handle complications in the campaign and show results. 

It is vitally important to understand what you should expect from a campaign with outreach companies. Get in writing what they promise to provide, and over what timeline and for what price. The best or an ideal scenario is when the agency has already worked with other businesses in your industry or category.

Even if they haven’t, they could still be the agency for you, if they have splendid experience in other industries. You will require detailed information after thorough research and investigation. 

You can discern true professionals from run-of-the-mill-agencies by asking for a proposal that explains how they would run the outreach campaign if you were to choose them. Make sure you get a detailed outlook of all plans before signing the contract. See more here from Neil Patel about how powerful this form of marketing really is!

Selecting The Right White Label SEO Agency

Blogger outreach may be difficult for you because of lack of connections and time, but it should come easy to an agency. After all, it is their daily bread and butter. If you’re new to outreach and want to get an idea of what this winning SEO approach is – see more here on what is blogger outreach.

Hence, when you ask for an itemized report of all the steps they intend to take for getting you those articles, reviews, or backlinks, then the firm should not hesitate or stall your question. 

Be very wary if a potential guest post agency is reluctant to enumerate the work they intend to carry out. 

Nobody likes getting taken advantage of!

A good provider will be completely transparent with you and not be scared or hesitant in listing down the steps they intend to take as part of their blogger outreach strategy. See more here about how to get started in blogger outreach.

Now, you need to understand that every marketing agency will have trade secrets. They may not share names with you, but you should expect complete disclosure regarding:

  • the number of back links they can get you 
  • whether any will be contextual
  • check are the links do-follow
  • domain authority of the website
  • number of guest posts or reviews (with word count)
  • content quality and whether written by native US writers

Look for complete transparency and pick a guest post provider which keeps you in the loop. This can be through weekly reports or calls. 

The only reason a company outsources a part of their work is to make it easier to deal with other operations. You may end up chasing the money if you pick the wrong outreach agency. 

Dealing With A US Based SEO Reseller Program

US agencies have access to US publishers which helps when you have clients anywhere in America, particularly California or New York.

This is one of the most important factors you should consider while hiring a blogger outreach company that does work for your client. Outreach Frog’s marketing platform makes it easy to log in with your email address and quickly set up and run campaigns – no matter what your particular business model is.

For instance, if your product is protein bars aimed at fitness buffs, then you don’t want an outreach company that only has ‘generalists’ in their network. 

You don’t want to pay for general reviews or guest posts on just any food blogging site. 

You want your protein bars to be seen and identified by target audience (gym-goers in this case). You would want to outsource your work to a company that has good relations with top fitness blogs, healthy eating blogs, and fitness food experts. 

It is best to go for an outreach agency that hand-selects their influencers rather than just bidding to the whole lot. Hand-picking the influencers give your brand an edge and make it exclusive at the same time. 

You can also be comfortable in the knowledge that all influencers are thoroughly vetted to provide maximum results. It takes time to build relationships with influencers, right the way from the initial email that you send out to the influencer. See more here on how to write the best opening email when approaching influencers.

Ask potential influencer agencies about how they communicate with their bloggers. Do they send thank you notes and gifts to their influencers? . 

Sometimes, it only takes one detailed and insightful review to increase brand presence and climb the search engine rankings. 

Your Companies Involvement In Our SEO Reseller Program

Involvement should be on you are your companies terms and not the agency’s. If you are a brand that likes to be hands on, then the agency should be willing to cater to you. They should be ready to keep you in the loop about their strategies and course of actions. 

However, at the same time if you want to put everything on the agency’s shoulders and just sit back and reap the SERP rewards, then the agency should be up to the task. The white label SEO firm should be responsible, accessible, and accountable for the money you paid. 

Some providers, such as us, have easy to use online ordering software to facilitate seamless orders, as well as comprehensive reporting as part of the outsourcing program.

You shouldn’t have to be chasing a company you hired a month down the line, thats not what makes a great seoreseller. This is another area where transparency comes into play. 

With many seoresellers on the market, choose wisely

The company you choose should be as transparent as possible, so that the campaign runs exactly as you expect.

Look for clues that will help you understand that an agency is the right pick. They should be asking you questions (whether you want to be involved or not) about your high level goals, the kind of target audience you have in mind, whether you have run blogger outreach campaigns in the past, and results from those campaigns. 

This information is vital to a blogger outreach company to put together a plan. If the agency you are interviewing fails to ask these pertinent questions, then you may well be wasting your time with them. 

Pricing and Budget

Influencer agencies, typically, offer a campaign-based pricing model that takes into account all the costs of running a campaign. Everyone wants to secure a deal, and it pays to shop around. Not just on price but what else the agency can provide you including reports, their local SEO experience and experience working in the industry your client’s company is in.

This includes labor costs, influencer compensation, and any extra digital spend to promote the campaign.

There are many outreach companies who will provide you with a fixed quote, while others may have a fluctuating price model depending upon the number of influencers, their audience, and predicted engagement, and reach. Also pay attention to where sites are hosted as you want to make sure the provider is not using low quality interlinked sites.

Neither of these price models are the wrong choice. The decision solely depends upon your budget and expectations. You may have to pay a little extra if you are looking for a premium service that allows businesses deeper demographic insight into the customers interacting with influencer content. 

It is best to ask for a base, standard pricing that matches your budget. From there you can either negotiate or look at alternate options. 

Reporting Provided To Resellers

As a business owner, you may already understand the importance of measuring campaign performance.

The results from outreach campaigns should explain your return on investment, and guide your decisions in future campaigns.

Social media was valued above engagement just a few years ago. However, now the opposite is true. Campaign results can now get even more granular when assigning values to social media engagement with the advancement of social analytics tools. 

Look for a blogger outreach agency that calculates engagement, and measures reach, after every campaign is over. At the same time inquire as to how the agency calculates or measures their results. 

Other Factors To Find The Best Company

You need to make sure that you are not paying those extra dollars for PBNs or Black Hat Links. Look for genuine blogger outreach companies that have real sites in their influencer network. 

Your brand is at major risk where search engines are concerned if you get a link that provides by a private label seller that builds links that are using some software or automated by a bot or placed on a PBN network. 

You should also aim for content that is written by native English speaker. This way you can confidently publish the content or links in your website and social media channels. There is nothing more hurtful to a business than poorly written content. 

Lastly, make sure there are other high quality outbound links within the article which helps give your backlink more credibility. These authority links should be industry relevant to your client, so if you are looking for white label seo services for real estate clients, then you’d want to see the links going out to other reputable real estate sources such as zillow.com etc.

A good blogger outreach service that provides content will deliver high quality articles that link out to at least 2-3 relevant sources. Contextual links surrounded by relevant content gives you brownie points with Google AI.