Why You Should Start Backlinking?

We’re going to cover the primary reasons why someone would want to start backlinking for their website and go into the different ways to pursue them. But before talking about backlinks, though, it’s important to briefly explain what domain authority is first.

Domain Authority

Domain Authority, or DA for short, is a kind of relevance score given to websites by search engines. 

Linking is like voting

The idea is that every website has a DA rating and that, over time, as the websites accumulate more out to others and inbound links to themselves, those links act like votes of confidence and raise the domain authority of that given website.

The effect of a rising DA rating for a given website is most pronounced with regard to organic search. Sites with a high DA rating rank easily for their target keywords. 

DA has transmissible qualities

Sites with a high DA rating also confer more domain authority to other sites they link out to as well, making them ideal as publishing sites for backlinks.

Backlinks from high DA websites act like “super” votes of confidence; they confer more domain authority or carry more weight with search engines.

Why you might want backlinks…

If you’re like many business owners with a website that is younger than ten years old, well composed, with a healthy social media presence, and good content, and want to invest in long-term marketing for your business, backlinking is probably the single most impactful thing you can do.

Backlinks from high DA websites embedded within well-composed content will tend to stay online indefinitely. 

This means they represent a potentially very beneficial long-term investment.

Backlinks Change Lives

The benefits of having a good profile of backlinks pointing to your website can be life-changing. A website buried on page 30 of a search can suddenly rocket to the top of organic search within a matter of months just from having a handful of backlinks pointing to the site published.

Nearly Universal Appeal

This makes backlinks universally applicable to nearly all businesses that want to rank. Any business that wants leads or sales should be interested in backlinking.

Ways to obtain backlinks

Site owners can obtain white hat or good backlinks in a number of ways:

Link sharing

One of the most common types of backlinks you can attain is from link-sharing situations where websites from affiliated businesses decide to link to one another, maybe even display an advertisement for one another. 

This type of self-promotion is nice, but it is not typically very helpful beyond the local level.

(Self sourced) Guest Blogging

Some site owners are also amateur or professional writers, and they can and do reach out to newspapers and other media outlets that have high DA websites and they ask to write something in exchange for a link to their website.

This work’s, but it’s self-limiting; how many people can run a business and write thousands of words of copy per day? Not many.

Forum posting

It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to self-promote their businesses on certain online forum websites. Numerous forum websites will allow users to plug their businesses and post a respectful number of links in specific places on their website forums. 

This can be effective to a degree, but, like many of these Do-It-Youself solutions, they don’t scale well.

SEO Backlink Specialists 

We represent a viable method of obtaining guest blogging and backlinking services for virtually any business.

Why would you want to contact a business like us and not just do it yourself? Well…

Outreach Frog is a scalable solution – others are not!

The problem one will run into is scalability. When you market yourself, you are your own limitation. 

With all self-promotional methods, there is the inherent self-limit that ultimately makes them unscalable. 

What about personality and media driven marketing?

Some will say – and it is true – that with viral videos and personality-driven marketing, there is no need for scalability.

They are right – but this kind of talent-based marketing is outside the scope of this article.

Going it alone can be very hard 

The fact is going it alone is hard because business owners have to run their own businesses and lack time to invest in writing huge volumes of blog copy daily or finding high-DA publishing sites to act as venues hosting the content. 

This all takes effort and energy, and it also takes time. 

The professionals we employ at our company have spent decades in some cases, mastering their skills.

We are professionals at what we do

 The kinds of long-term backlinking campaigns that have the volume of content and strength to really move sites up in a big way in organic search take a lot.

We have the ability to furnish enough quantity of backlinks to nearly saturate any given website – we can produce in excess of what’s necessary. 

We also have the infrastructure and team to make sure those backlinks go out, published on a routine schedule, keeping up a slow drip and helping to further cement ranking attainments.

Our writing process

We also provide guest blogging content that our backlinks are embedded within to be written in a high-quality manner. We work to ensure all posts are matched to the audience of the target website and designed with readability and engagement as the goal.

We provide high-quality writing expressly so that it gets engagement and the links stay alive indefinitely. This translates into a tremendous value for our clients and ensures they benefit for years to come.

Cumulative Effects

One of the main reasons a company would want to hire us to do backlinking and guest blogging for them is the fact that with our method, the results truly do accrue over time. 

No deceptive practices!

With some providers of backlinking, they get them up onto sites using deceptive means such as bot postings or forum spamming. 

This does nothing but ensure the links will only be online and live for a short time. 

Our Publishing Sites

We do none of this and instead work with publishing sites that have high domain authority, and because we engage with customers in that content, they leave it live indefinitely. 

There is literally content live right now from when the company was very first started. 

Over time, clients get benefits that compound exponentially when their backlink profiles become robust.


Writing guest posts and reaching out to site owners to do link sharing are great ways to get some backlinks for your new business.

Once you begin to scale up, switching to a company like Outreach Frog and letting them help you multiply your efforts is a fantastic way to increase your search presence dramatically.