Best Opening Email Examples For Outreach in 2020

Blogger outreach can play a key role in taking your business to a whole new level. Using the best opening emails for blogger outreach helps you be more successful in working successfully with guest posts.

It opens your business to immense possibilities, including a brand new set of audience reach, better conversions, higher rankings, high-quality organic content, and increased traffic to your website. 

However, it can be tough to get a website owner to respond to an ice-cold email when you pitch them for article outreach.

So, how do you do it? How can you grab the attention of some of the biggest players in your industry with cold outreach?

Here are a few examples of best opening emails to use when approaching a website owner for article outreach which can make it easier to attain your influencer marketing goals and obtain those valuable backlinks.

It is important that you never use an overly generic template. Instead, use frameworks and give them personalized changes to be truer to your business and needs. 

Example 1: The Casual ‘Reason’ Approach

It’s just not enough to simply reach out to an influencer. You really need to get them to respond to the conversation, and what better way to get that done than giving them a reason to share your article. 

In fact, you can give them more than just one reason without sounding too bold if you know how to slip it in casually. 

Hey (their name), 

I know you are a fan of epic articles and I got one for you right here. 

I don’t normally do this kind of “cold article outreach”, but this huge (number of words in the article) got featured in the (best place your article got featured). 

So, I thought its worthy of your time and decided showing it to you. 🙂

It’s a lot like (reference to a competitor influencer’s similar article or something you know they enjoyed reading about). 

Here’s the link: (post the link).

Just trying to impress you and not asking for anything much!


(Your name)

(Your blog link)”

This email gives 3 reasons for an influencer or publisher to check out the article link. You appease their ego and intrigue their curiosity at the same time. If the influencer likes your article, chances are that they would suggest publishing your article on their site. 

Example 2: The Friendly Approach

It is important to present your agenda in a desirable tone and voice which is perceived in the same light by the person whom you are pitching your article outreach to. 

The friendly approach works on most levels, as long as you keep it courteous and not too over-the-top. Here is a classic example of an article outreach email. 

“Hi (Influencer’s name),

My name is (your name) and I am an adventure-loving traveler based out of Chicago. I have worked as a freelance alternative tour guide in most tourist spots in the country and have more than 4 years’ experience as a blogger/editor. 

Your travel section seems the perfect home for my future article since I travel a lot and have attained certain exposure as a writer. In fact, my latest article (write something noteworthy about your article, like getting 100 likes on Facebook in a week). 

Here are some ideas that I am working on right now:

  • Idea 1
  • Idea 2
  • Idea 3
  • Idea 4

Oh, and here are some stories I have written recently which will help you understand why my writing style fits just right with your travel section. 

I would love to be a part of your fabulous online space. Let me know which idea you like best, so I can get to work on it right away. 

P.S: I would really appreciate your insight into my writings even if you don’t consider them to be a match for your travel section. 


(Your name)”

Example 3: The Kind/Appreciative Email

You can go far and get more than just a response by referencing existent, already-published content and recognizing its value in an email to the person who has published it. 

You must never forget that everyone likes being appreciated. Just make sure you keep the tone honest and the praise relevant.

“Hi (influencer’s name),

I just love the great online place you are running. It has tons of informational ideas which are really quite useful. For instance, I was reading one of the posts titled (name of a recent post on their website – something similar to your article pitch) from which I gathered that (key takeaway). 

By the way my name is (your name) and I am a contributor to several lifestyle and food blogs and editor at (name of the blog). I am passionate about healthy living, healthy eating, and traveling. 

I have some amazing ideas to contribute to your platform. 

  • List of ideas

Here is a link (add link) to something I recently wrote about (gist of the article). You can see how similar it is to what you post on your website and that my ideas and style of writing will be loved by your readers. 

I want to thank you for your time and I would really love to hear about what your thoughts are on these article ideas. 

Looking forward to hearing from you. 

All the best,

(Your name)”

Example 4: The Pre-promotion

You can have your article read by an influencer even before you publish it. One of the biggest mistakes that most bloggers make is not spending enough time promoting their content. 

By finding influencers who are interested in your writing style and your article before you begin writing, you can save yourself a major chunk of time, promoting it later on. 

“Hi (their name),

I am a huge fan of your work and I especially loved (link to one of their very recent posts on which you left an insightful comment). 

This was really great stuff, especially where you say “(insert a funny comment or a key takeaway)”

I am actually publishing an article on the same lines (topic of your post) next week, and being a master at the game, I thought you may really enjoy it. 

Would you mind if I sent you a link when the article goes live to get your feedback?

Thanks for your time, 

(Your name)”

You can use this method even before typing a word with just the title. This will give you an insight into what influencers are looking for. 

For instance, you can send emails to multiple influencers with different article topic ideas. The topic which gets maximum response is what people are looking for. 

Example 5: The Short and Sweet Outreach Email

This works well with almost every influencer because you purposely find articles and blogs similar to your own. You pitch to influencers who are on the same page as your ideas and whose readers would be willing to read your article. 

“Hey (their name),

I was on the hunt for information on (topic) this morning when I came across your blog/article on (their article topic). 

I really like that you (explained something important, talked about, or emphasized about it). 

I actually just wrote a similar piece on (a related topic name). 

I thought you might get a kick out of it, as someone who writes about (topic name) quite a bit. 

Let me know if you want to check it out. 


(Your name)”

Example 6: The Semi-Warm Article Outreach

You would have read how its best to warm up to an influencer before sending them an outreach mail. 

Most experts advise against sending outright cold pitches since they are more likely to get rebuffed, denied, or plain ignored. 

Posting comments on influencer’s recent posts and blogs is a smart way to get them to acknowledge you or at least be aware of you. Make sure you always write insightful comments and pick something from the post as a reference. 

It is best if you pick posts which are relevant to your niche or are similar to the article topic you are about to pitch. You can send them social media requests as well before you send the outreach email. Outreach agencies can save a lot of time in this labor intensive SEO process.

This email works best when you have been active in your comments on the influencer’s post. Your chances of success rise significantly if the influencer responds to any of your comments. 

“Hi (their name), 

I have been a long-time reader of your blog and you may actually remember me from some of the comments I have left. I have always appreciated your work for the insight it lends into (niche). 

I just wanted to give you a heads up about my new project (article name/ link). I am looking for help getting the word across about it. I would appreciate any mention you can make, either on your blog or elsewhere. 

Thanks for your time. Keep up the good work!

(Your name)”

Concluding Remarks

It’s prudent to always be genuine where outreach is concerned or else you may never get past that first email. 

Always send at least 3 follow-ups just in case they missed the first one. Make sure you steer clear of the top influencers until you have made a name for yourself in the industry and have something irresistible to offer in return for your article outreach.  

Either if you are going it alone, or working with the best blogging outreach service, these tips will surely put you in good stead.