What Is Blogger Outreach And Should You Use An Agency Or Do It Yourself

Blogger outreach involves contacting other sites and having them post your original content on their site. From a SEO perspective, the inclusion of a link from the publisher’s site to yours adds value. Read on to find out how to do blogger outreach and what the benefits are.

Firstly, some history into SEO.… Google’s major search engine algorithmic updates such as Penguin and Hummingbird have transformed the way search marketing works. 

Now you really need only unique and high quality backlinks to improve your SEO rankings, increase targeted traffic, and get your brand the online exposure it deserves. Read on to find out what agencies know about guest posting that you may not.. and how to learn from them.

Blogger outreach (when done right) is a surefire way of achieving all this and so much more. It is one of the most effective methods to increase your search rankings and divert organic search traffic to your website. 

Here is everything you need to know about blogger outreach, how it can help you, the challenges involved, and whether you should just get an agency to do it for you. 

We share how its done so you too can perform as well at guest posting as the agencies.

What is Blogger Outreach or Guest Posting?

Like the name, blogger outreach or guest posting is a process where you or an agency gets in touch with other bloggers. You reach out to other bloggers and news publications in your industry and ask for a review, promotional post, or simply a mention of your brand. 

You could also ask them to place your post on their website (guest post) or something that links back to your website. 

Why are Bloggers Needed?

As per statistics, more than 81% people trust what they read online on blogs and come to depend upon the blogger. 

Out of these, 61% people go on to purchase products and services based on a blogger’s recommendation.

Most people come to trust bloggers and their instinct. So, by getting an influential blogger to do your bidding, you essentially have your brand advertised as something people should be interested in. 

How to guest post

Bloggers are an amazing word of mouth tool in the online marketing sphere because they have built a loyal following that trusts them and will listen to what they have to say. You may not be able to reach this audience in any other way. 

Bloggers are the springboard that you need to access a lot of people from different niches. Their one-to-one-to-many approach to stay relevant and promote their own content ensures that you have a pre-mixed target audience ready for the taking that is already interested in your products and niche. 

However, you need to understand that blogger outreach is not just about article placement or endorsement. 

The end result is always the increase in social shares which enhances your social media presence, increase in site traffic, and backlinks to your website. 

Bloggers when paired with the right assets can deliver visually driven content on social media platforms. They are also highly trusted sources which can only help you improve your site stats. See why blogger outreach is considered a good idea for marketers.

How Can A Guest Post Service Benefit You?

‘Blogger outreach’ works, is an understatement! If you follow the right strategy, then this tool can be one of the most effective ways for you to accomplish your online and business goals. In fact, this tool is one that is built to stand the test of time. 

Blogger outreach benefits you by resulting in more sales and higher conversion rates in the short term, but because of the way it’s built, it also results in steady, long term growth for your brand. 

This is largely due to relevancy since real and relevant sites tend to drive flocks of real and relevant customers. 

Guest posting secrets

You don’t just increase your site traffic, but also increase the conversion rates because most people who visit your site after clicking through a back link are already interested in what you are offering. 

There are a number of tools which can help build links that even manage to avoid Google penalties. 

However, in their efforts to avoid Google, they don’t do anything for your site rankings. Also, you may have to pay for these less than desirable tools. 

With blogger outreach campaigns, you put your site, products, and services in the real world where real people see it and appreciate it. 

The added popularity can make your actual Google rankings increase automatically. Here’s how blogger outreach can benefit you. 

  • It is the best strategy to actually reach out to your target audience rather than just hoping
  • It makes it easy to get hundreds and thousands of shares
  • You can get more than a dozen backlinks
  • Your guest posts will have more comments than ever
  • You can increase your conversion rates and get new customers
  • You can keep track of results and measure success through numbers
  • The right strategy does a lot more to enhance your brand reach than other marketing tips

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What are the Challenges Involved in Blogger Outreach?

Blogger outreach is an effective tool, only when you do it right. There are numerous challenges involved in getting the results you want. In fact, where blogger outreach is concerned, every step is a challenge and not to mention time intensive. 

Looking for authority sites will require a lot of time. You will have to read up on post blogs and really go through the comment sections to understand if a blogger is worth it.

You need to know which bloggers are right for you. Most brands are not aware of the kind of bloggers best suited for their products and services. Quality content helps, such as style, tone and your blog post length all equally important factors.

For instance, you don’t just want fitness enthusiasts to promote your probiotic supplements. You want food blogs and even blogs aimed at people suffering from IBS. 

The only way you can make blogger outreach work is if you advertise your brand to a varied mix of people. This will increase your social shares and increase the risk of making your content go viral.  See more here in our completed guide on best opening emails for blogger outreach.

Hiring A Blogger Outreach Agency

Agencies are a great option for blogger outreach since they are experts in the field. They have experience and may have already built relationships with many bloggers who are influencers in your particular niche. Here is when you should hire an agency. 

Learn to do guest posts

Quality SEO Results Require Consistent Effort.

If time is not on your side and you are looking for quick results, then hiring an expert would be the best way to go about blogger outreach. The maximum time spent in any effective campaign is to convince influential bloggers to promote content or link out. 

Agencies cut the time short by dipping into their pool of influencers. However, you need to be smart and hire an agency that has bloggers from your niche.

Read more here about hiring a SEO agency.  

Being Featured On The Right Publishers Is Paramount

Having the right blogger will be the difference in making your campaign a success. Most people who DIY blogger outreach fail because they don’t reach out to the right bloggers. 

Finding the right influencer is one of the biggest challenges of any blogger outreach program. 

You don’t just want any influencer. You want someone who already has a following of the audience you are targeting. An experienced agency will have a team working for you and multiple heads are always better than one. 

The agency will also have experience to figure out which bloggers can provide maximum results in the shortest space of time. 

Quality SEO Results Require Discipline & Effort

You are guaranteed success when you are working with an agency. Like any other internet campaign, blogger outreach is quantifiable. 

You can set the results you expect before signing the dotted line and have the agency make sure they deliver them. 

This is one of the best reasons to hire an agency. You are left free to actually focus on your site, products, or services, while the agency takes care of promoting them. You don’t have to worry about results or stress daily about whether a campaign is working or not. 

You also save yourself from checking your mails every hour to see whether a blogger responded to you or not. 

In SEO, Sometimes FREE is the most expensive price

At the face value hiring an agency may seem counter intuitive to saving money. But, when you compare the results with the time invested, you would understand that in the long run, getting an agency to do the work will actually help you save more. 

Plus, there are a number of tools involved with conducting a successful blogger outreach campaign. We have a great guide on SEO tools you can access here.

For starters, you will need a tool to check domain authority scores of various bloggers and invest in another tool to find their contact information. 

You may also have to invest in a mail tracker to figure out when and if your emails are opened and read or directly sent to spam or trash. These tools are not cheap and are unfortunately indispensable. 


You can indulge in a successful outreach program when you have time on your hands or a well-balanced team to carry out the tasks for you. Expertise and industry know-how can pose as challenges when you try undertaking outreach programs yourself. 

If you have the extra money to spare, then hiring an agency is probably the best idea. Agencies already have relationships with multiple trusted bloggers from different niches which can make the whole process easy and quick. Plus that have processes in place to ensure the outreach process is done seamlessly.

Also, with an agency you don’t have to worry about the results. Make sure you hire the right agency and include measurable or quantifiable results in the contract. This way you are guaranteed of the results. Ideally if the publisher loves your content they will provide your site with a dofollow link.

When hiring an agency, make sure they help you build a relationship with the blogger, so that if you ever decide to terminate the agency’s services, you don’t have to lose out on the blogger. 

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