7 Awesome Tools You Need To Excel At Guest Posting

Read this guide to discover amazing free tools to use if you looking to dominate at guest posting and blogger outreach. These tools are mostly focused on the outreach aspect of your blogger outreach strategy. 

The best content marketing tools are those that can multiply your site traffic, improve shareability, and increase lead generation when paired with valuable content and good stories.

And you can be sure that they are using these tools to successfully achieve their targeted results. 

Using SEO tools can get you penalized from Google

Note about the white hat status of tools – Google doesn’t penalize site owners for using friendly SEO tools that are designed to make the job easier for the search engine, and not meant to manipulate the search engine.

But Google does slap on a penalty when site owners try gaming the system by using dubious tools and tricks to over-optimize their content or use keywords excessively in anchor texts.

In fact, with the right content marketing tool, the search engine space becomes yours to dominate. However, you need to be clear about your goals and pursue them relentlessly.

Here are a few popular SEO tools that can help you create more visible and shareable website content. Before you launch into this, if you haven’t already, check out our guide on easy SEO improvements you can implement today.

Common SEO tools for website content

1. Keyword Tool Dominator

This is a very helpful and easy-to-use SEO tool that helps you identify long-tail keyword terms. These terms are important because your target audience could be using them to search for similar businesses and products.

SEO tool: Keyword Tool Dominator

By incorporating long-tail keywords you can rank high when your potential customers are looking for useful and effective content and blog posts.

To start using the tool, you would have to sign up with Keyword Tool Dominator. Once logged in, click on the “Google Autocomplete Keyword Tool” tab. Provide a head keyword and then simply sit back and scroll through the various longer search phrases suggested by KTD.

To increase visibility, you need to make your content as searchable as possible. By incorporating long-tail keywords you essentially help search engine bots understand what your content is all about. Just make sure you use the right head keyword term while searching for long-tail phrases. This tool is a preferred choice of top blogger outreach agencies.

2. Content Explorer by Ahrefs (Best Blogger Outreach Tool)

Ahrefs comes up with some of the best SEO tools in the industry. The Content Explorer is a new and powerful tool that is useful to find the most shared topic across social media sites from any industry and niche on the platform. This tool is loved by SEO agencies in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK and the world over. They even offer multiple languages. 

This could be the best tool out there if you are looking to create content that gets shared widely. It can come in helpful even if you are fresh out of ideas and looking for inspiration to create your next content. Ahrefs Content Explorer works a lot like BuzzSumo and is the best content marketing tool in the industry.

However, one area where Ahrefs is better is in portraying the results. They are much cleaner and easier to analyze. You can find the most shared content by following these basic steps.

  1. Select the “Content Explorer” Tab on Ahrefs.com
  2. Type in your keyword in the search box and hit the orange search button
  3. You will get a long list of results. Analyze them to find topics that are most relevant to your niche.

Best Free Guest Posting SEO Tools

The analysis part is the most important step with this SEO tool. You need to study the headline and structure carefully to find out factors that turned your shortlisted blog posts into effective content that people thought shareworthy.

You need to understand that people typically click on blog posts after reading their headline. And, when they like the content enough, they cannot wait to share it on their social media channels.

So, don’t hesitate in using the top-shared headlines for your next blog. However, keep in mind to make it unique and true to your content.

Headlines that captivate audiences can increase your conversion rate and drive engagement for your business, and make it easier to implement a winning SEO strategy.

3. Squirrly – Free Tool

SEO plugin: Squirrly

This is an SEO services plugin that is very useful for optimizing your content for the right user and keyword. It also helps measure the success of your content. Statistics suggest that you can increase visibility and drive traffic to your blog by 285% with this plugin.

One of the most challenging tasks faced by content creators is to create content for users but optimize it for Google. The challenge is to use the right amount of keywords without making the text unreadable.

With this SEO tools, you don’t have to worry about a thing. This simple plugin takes care of everything for you making it one of the best content marketing tools on the internet.

How to start

Use your WordPress dashboard to search the plugin first.

Go to Plugins > New Plugin

Once you find the plugin install it by following all the steps. This will make Squirrly ready for use the next time you are ready to publish a new post on your website. You can use it to search long-tail keywords that are easy to rank and profitable to your site.

4. Emotional Headline Analyzer

Any marketer will let you know that people base their purchases on emotions and later justify the decision with logic. Emotional headline analyzer is a popular guest posting tool favored by agencies. 

For this reason alone, you need to use the Emotional Headline Analyzer tool. This SEO tool is created by Advanced Marketing Institute to help businesses craft the most emotionally sound headline for their content.

Your brand is what people think about your business and your products or services. It is the gut feeling an individual has about your company.

SEO tool: Emotional Headline Analyzer

In content terms this relates to people skipping those posts that do not call out to them emotionally. Your audience is not very likely to click on your guest or blog posts if they do not like your brand, let alone share them on social media.

You need to understand that people don’t buy for logical reasons, but for emotional ones. Keep this in mind while working on your next content creation.

By stirring up the right emotions, you have a 75% chance of having your post read throughout and then shared extensively.

The emotional truth of being humans is to buy things that you don’t need and then wonder why you bought it in the first place. The same holds true for consuming information and entertainment. Smart writers take advantage of this fact and create emotion-invoking content.

However, you cannot create a copy for completely irrational people. You won’t have much success by creating a piece of fluff. The key is to create high-value and high-quality content, but curate the headline carefully using an emotional approach.

You need to make sure that it appeals to your customers and intended audience. Emotional Headline Analyzer can help you strike gold with its state-of-the-art algorithm that pegs an Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score to different headlines.

All you need to do is plug your headline in the Headline Analyzer and select your categories. Click the blue “submit for analysis” button and get the result almost instantly. The scores range from 0 to 100%. You should aim for anything higher than 20%.

The best part is Emotional Headline Analyzer tool explains the score so that you know if you are targeting the right audience.

For instance, if your content headline achieves a score of 22%, it shall appeal equally to people’s empathetic and spiritual spheres, which means those people would be interested that want someone to understand their pain points and help solve them.

That’s exactly the kind of audience a business needs. You can easily use this SEO tool to create relevant content and connect with the right audience.

5. Trendspottr

You need to create content that appeals to people if you want your posts to be visible and considered shareworthy by your audience to get your content shared and increase backlinks. However, it is not always easy to create relevant content or find the right ideas. You can get help from useful tools like Trendspottr for this purpose.

This tool is one of the best content marketing tools when it comes to trends. It doesn’t identify past or current trends like most other tools and Google Analytics. Instead, it predicts emerging trends, so that you can benefit from the interest.

Do you think you are a “good” writer or a “great” writer? This is a relative question based on your perception of your writing skill. However, as a website owner, you don’t just need to create content, but create content that people want to read.

When you deliver quality content – your readers remember you and want to keep coming back for more!

You want your message to be perfect and reach the right audience. You know that a single idea can make the world a better place.

With this easy SEO tool, you will know exactly what your target audience is desperately seeking in real time and the most effective ways to meet that need. Once you create content that your audience is looking for, you automatically hit the nail on its head.

People would soon share your content across their social media channels giving you an SEO boost and improving your visibility.

Good writing is at the crux of any content marketing strategy. It requires broad general knowledge, attention to detail, clarity of thought, logic, technical skill, and the right amount of persuasiveness.

Writers who are unable to discern the impact their article or blog post might make lack versatility and industry knowledge. And, without this skill it can get very tricky to curate result-oriented content.

You need to carefully plan your editorial calendar and content if you want to stay on top of your game. You can improve your search traffic only by continually studying your audience and giving them what they want even before they begin needing it.

And, you need strong writing skills that can triple your blog engagement and catapult your content in front of the right eyes.

More engagement results in more social shares across all platforms, like Facebook posts, and tweets. You improve your chances of visibility and shares by creating in-depth content that contains visual information, like videos and images.

SEO tool: Trendspottr

TrendSpottr is one of the best content marketing tools since it capitalizes on the fact that there are limited types of content that tend to go viral. The ones that are controversial, funny, or emotionally provocative tend to get shared more widely across social networks.

The best part is that it predicts the success of your content, even before you begin writing it. What’s more, it helps you find key influencers in your industry who will gladly promote your content to provide link juice. One word from an influencer can drive your social shares through the roof.

6. Google Analytics

There are numerous content marketing tools available online, yet Google Analytics remains indispensable and is an essential must have. This is one SEO tool you just cannot do without. Whether it is driving more traffic to your site, researching the right keywords, or understanding the demographics of your audience, Google Analytics is always ready to help out.

You need to understand that Google Analytics just provides the data. Studying and analyzing it boils down to you, however this is a  great tool to use when starting out in blogger outreach. You can easily identify the search engine queries people use to find your site. This can be very valuable in increasing your site ranking and promoting visibility. Google Analytics is the only one SEO tool that shows the real traffic of your site.

It is 60% easier to rank high for the keywords you are already ranking for, than start from scratch with new keywords.

Google Analytics also provides essential data (demographics) behind your visitors which can be useful in your content marketing campaigns and editorial calendars. You can ultimately double your search traffic with this information. This is a top SEO tool that is highly recommended. 

Google Analytics

Most website owners are not aware of the full potential of Google Analytics. You are letting a major opportunity go waste by doing this. The three key things to study in your Google Analytics dashboard are:

  • Landing pages
  • Search queries
  • Geographical summaries

Landing pages will help you identify the most popular pages in your website. You can further improve visibility and enhance social shares by increasing content length and building authority links.

Search queries are important to identify the keywords that send the most visitors to your site. You should begin optimizing your site for the relevant long-tail variants of these keywords to improve visibility.

Geographical summary gives you an insight into the various countries that your site has managed to attract visitors from. If your visitors are just from one country then it is better that you target that country specifically, rather than the world.

Does Blogger Outreach Work?

There are a number of other SEO tools that you can use to create content that improves your site visibility and shares for a successful blogger outreach campaign. It is best to find the ones most relevant to your industry and those that are proven to deliver results. Outreachfrog provides a top rated link building service. Try us today!