Managed SEO Plan From Outreach Frog

Outreach Frog’s Fully Managed SEO services are designed to provide the digital marketing solutions you are looking for.  

If your goal is to achieve sustainable top Google search rankings for your website or blog using white hat SEO techniques, then Outreach Frog can be your best SEO partner in this journey.  

What’s In the Managed SEO Plan?¬†¬†

This is the first ever fully managed and results-oriented SEO plan by Outreach Frog, which uses highly customizable techniques to bring you targeted traffic in a natural and organic way.

The best part is that there is No Management Fee. 100% of the amount you invest is applied towards your campaign.  

Easy Rankings Boost Agency Program

At Outreach Frog, it is our job to figure out what works with Google and search engines and what does not. We have invested time and our best brains in analyzing tons of data from various segments to build a winning strategy.  

We have stayed on top of updates and read between the lines to understand the tricks that can get you what you are looking for in terms of search engine optimization.  

You can see out success rates from the sheer number of campaigns we have worked on and helped turned around. And, we bring this knowledge and expertise to you through the Outreach Frog customizable Managed SEO Plans.  

Each customer starts with a solid SEO plan developed by our team that includes a keyword analysis, competitor report and 6 month outline of future SEO work. 

We have already completed the groundwork ‚Äď so you can now enjoy the SEO burst. Our done-for-you fully managed SEO program is the culmination of all our industry expertise and analysis.¬†¬†

When you sign up for an Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plan, you don’t just get hot air promises or fluff. You get hard core, tried, and true strategies that are designed to provide quantifiable results.  

In short, you get our core expertise in creation of premium content, powerful white hat links, and a solid SEO strategy coupled with the best support service in the business.  

Solid Results-Driven SEO Strategy 

Outreach Frog brings together choicest strategies and techniques under a single SEO umbrella. There are a number of strategies that work depending on your industry type be it health, affiliate, finance, travel, lawyers, or SEO for marketing firms. See more here about our SEO Strategy Programs This way we ensure that your SERP rankings and targeted traffic is maximized.  

We like keeping things strategic and customizable where SEO is concerned. However, each personalized strategy is based on two unique concepts that have acquired countless successful results.  

These unique components are: 

1. Quick Wins To Improve Current Rankings 

Search engine optimization is a long-game strategy, but there are some quick fixes or easy wins to be had by employing the right stratagem. For instance, even the most basic SEO endeavors would get your site ranking in the position 4 to 30 for certain keywords.  

You can quickly increase targeted traffic to your site by identifying these keywords and then pushing those terms up with the help of safe, diversified, and search engine approved link building strategies.  

Managed SEO that boosts rankings

With our Managed SEO Plans, you get this and many more benefits through something we like to coin as the ‚ÄúEasy Wins Approach‚ÄĚ. Our expertise translates to your success when we employ the right strategies to help you achieve more than what you have already acquired.¬†¬†

Our years of experience has taught us never to start from ground zero, but build on what you already have and to make sure it reaches staggering heights.  For instance, we know a lot about how to do outreach, and even have a guide with blogger outreach templates.

We do all the work for you from fixing the 404s on your website and optimizing the existing pages. We pay attention to your local listings and make sure your website is mobile-optimized. Outreach Frog runs all the tests for you to identify potential avenues of optimization.  

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The real work starts after we showcase our natural knack and the capability to get you what you want in terms of SEO. That is the second component of our Managed SEO Plan.  

2. Advanced Competitive Gap Analysis 

Once we have attained basic results by providing your website with a jump in rankings or increasing the targeted audience inflow, we shift our focus to the core areas.  

We begin analyzing your website as the first step in advanced competitive research. You would only find this in Outreach Frog’s Managed SEO Plans.  

We use Competitive Gap Analysis to understand potential areas of improvement in your website. We try to find out what your site is missing. This could be high volume, valuable keywords, or low competition.  

It is important for you to pit your website against competition since that encourages innovation, prevents complacency, and forces the site to do better in all aspects. However, it is important to identify the competition first before you try to get ahead of them.  

We employ the right techniques to recognize these SEO competitors who are direct rivals to your website, brand, and business. Our next step is to evaluate keyword difficulty and look for new opportunities. We would also use this analysis to get a thorough understanding of your onsite content and on-page optimization.  

Evaluate keyword difficulty

Then, we dig into your competitor’s backlink profiles and examine their site structure and UX to learn how they are leveraging social media and how we can help your website get a better stance.  

These efforts make the raw outline of our Managed SEO Plans. Depending upon your site or blog’s individual standing, we would create personalized SEO strategies designed to help you attain what you want in a simple, yet effective approach.  

By combining the various tools at our disposal and effectively employing both these components, we ensure variable success and acquire increased targeted traffic.  

Everything You Need in One Plan 

We have designed Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plan to be the best possible all-encompassing service for you. You won’t need anything else once you sign up to one of our fully-managed plans.  We provide you with quality posts that provide do follow and no follow links as well as look at your on site SEO for industries such as affiliates, handyman services, CBD, events, antiques and nightclubs.

In fact, we take certain pride in the fact that our plans cover all SEO bases in a systemic and organized approach. We don’t leave any stone unturned or any opportunity unexplored to get you better ranking or increased conversions.  

Here’s the basic you can expect with all customizable SEO plans. Again, each plan is customized as per individual websites to attain maximum results in the shortest possible time.  

Customizable SEO plans to attain maximum results in the shortest possible time

1. Independent Campaign Manager and Team 

You get a whole team working on your campaign with a dedicated manager and point of contact. You will never be left in the dark and you can stay on top of everything that is happening with your website.  

The dedicated campaign manager ensures that Outreach Frog’s expertise gets you the results you are really looking for.  

We have already been making heads turn in the SEO field, and with Managed SEO Plans you can benefit from detailed and individual techniques. 

2. All Inclusive Sponsored Posting Service 

Outreach Frog offers sponsored posts to boost traffic by placing links on the choicest of high quality and authority blogs. You get access to our sponsored posting service which can grow your rankings and increase your revenue at the same time. Increase in traffic will also go a long way in promoting brand awareness.  

3. Keyword Tracker 

We give the control in your hands so that you know exactly how we are helping shape the SEO for your website. You get access to the Outreach Frog keyword tracker to understand how your campaign is progressing. This tool provides daily updates of all keywords in order to help you monitor results in a better way.  

4. Budget Friendly 

There have been many clients who have approached us to help them attain their SEO goals. We provide 100% reseller friendly budgets.  

5. Customized SEO Strategies 

We don’t believe in using one-size-fits-all approach where SEO is concerned. You don’t have to worry about us palming off cookie cutter campaigns that are designed generically. We treat every single campaign as if it were our first.  

You can expect complete attention to detail in a personalized approach. We customize our SEO campaigns after extensive research and planning. 

How Does Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plans Work?

How Does Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plans Work?

At Outreach Frog we work on a ‚Äúyou-first‚ÄĚ mentality where the focus is on your brand. Managed SEO Plans help put more eyes on your content, which means increased traffic and more conversions.¬†¬†

This is how it works: 

1. Join Outreach Frog 

Give us a shout and provide us with a few details about your brand, products, website, and your competition. You need to understand that search engine optimization is not a fast-track road and it is definitely not a gimmick or magic trick.  

It is an informed search engine strategy which is based on calculated efforts and best practices. However, if you don’t know the details we require, it is quite alright. We will work with you and figure things out along the way.  

2. Outlining the SEO Campaign 

We will create the best strategy for you based on your website, its past performance, your competition, and where you stand with rivals. We will search out gaps through competitive analysis and look for opportunities that can be used for quick or easy wins.  

3. Campaign Onboarding 

After the initial site research, your dedicated program manager shall schedule an onboarding call. This call will explain our initial findings and what we are planning from thereon. We will answer all your questions during this call and will start working on the campaign once you approve.  

4. Tracking and Measuring 

The best part of SEO is that everything is measurable and quantifiable. This allows us to track real results. You get access to our live 24/7 rank tracking software to see these results. However, you need to understand that white hat SEO is a slow process and you need to be patient to see the results.  

5. Follow up and Reports 

We like to keep our clients in the loop. Hence, we submit monthly reports of everything that we have done and attained. These reports are 100% transparent and give an actual overview of where your site stands. You can always schedule a follow-up call with your campaign manager after you receive the report if you want any details explained.  

FAQ about Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plans 

FAQ about Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plans

What is your SEO strategy? 

We customize our SEO plans individually for separate clients. However, you can be rest assured that we would explain the ‚Äúgoing forward plan‚ÄĚ to you during onboarding discussion. We make sure that you understand the SEO goals we can achieve for you and the way we plan to do it before we get you on-board.¬†¬†

What details do I need to place an order? 

Our order placement forms are simple and require minimal details. All we need is your URL and information about the target audience or market. This will help us create a more focused strategy. We also need to know the region you are planning to target Рwhether it is local, national or outside US.  

It would help if you could list all your direct and indirect business competitors. This will help us during competitive analysis. We need to know where you stand in terms of your immediate rivals in order to get you to rank above them.  

If you have made efforts towards optimizing your website, then we would love to hear about those efforts. For instance, if you ever tried ranking for certain keyword phrases, or have a list of high priority keywords, then do make sure to provide them to us.  

This way we don’t waste time hunting and can provide faster results by building upon what you have already achieved.  

Why do I need a Managed SEO Plan? 

With Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plans 100% of your budget goes towards product deliverable, instead of being used as administrative charges. We provide flexible packages after researching your site that is based on your needs.  

Our main strategy is to culminate diversity links, authority links, and optimized blog content to attain all your SEO goals.  

What is the management fee? 

The beauty of Outreach Frog Managed SEO Plans is that there is no management fee. 100% of the amount you spend goes towards your campaign.  

What if I want to skip content and just get the links? 

We have seen how well content and link work together for attracting targeted traffic. Google ranks sites that are an authority in their industry from a topical depth and breadth perspective.  

This is one of the reasons why we included blog content in our Fully Managed Plans in the first place. We will create the best campaign for you. Just let us know your situation and we will work with you.