How We Helped a Travel Company Start Ranking On Google’s First Page With Link Building

If you are looking to break into a specific industry, it can be incredibly tough to gain a foothold online. It may seem like a Catch-22 in many cases.

You need to have a strong internet presence to get the audience you need to build your clientele. But, you need that strong audience and clientele to get you so badly covet. 

So what are you supposed to do?

There is no doubt that making sure your site is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, organized, has tones of images and video, and is always offering new and engaging content is a great place to start. 

But what if…you find out that not many people are getting their eyes on that great content? It can be genuinely heartbreaking.

Not only are you spending a lot of time and money on trying to get your site and company off the ground, your employees and family are counting on you to find a way to breaking into your industry and get the success you know in your heart you can achieve. 

If you are looking for a way to break into the upper echelon of your niche or industry, one fantastic way to jumpstart your SEO and start ranking for major and meaningful keywords is to let OutReachFrog build links for you. 

Link building is one of the most consistent ways to improve SEO and Domain Authority because it signals a very clear message to Google. Basically, link building tells Google that the sites that are highly trusted within your niche trust your site.

That tells Google that they too should trust your site and that leads to better ranking, which in turn leads to greater organic traffic, which in turns – you guessed it – leads to better ranking. Now that Catch-22 that can feel like such an insurmountable burden at the onset is working for you.

From there, it’s just up to you to offer the great on and offline work that you are already doing to watch your site only continue to grow. 

So how does a successful link building campaign work. While we don’t want to give away ALL of our secrets, here is a quick and easy-to-understand breakdown of the services we offer and the benefits that they have to a site, no matter the niche! 

Background analysis 

As part of our research into which links to build on which sites, we look at pages from the clients’ site which were already ranking well – typically on page 2 or page 3 of SERPS. 

More importantly than that even, we took a look at which keywords were already ranking well for them on their site. 

This information allowed us to determine some very important things about the client’s site:

  • It told us the number of referring domains 
  • It told us the Domain Rating 
  • It told us the organic traffic levels of the site 
  • And it told us the estimated value of that traffic 

The reason why this information in particular is important is because it allows us to develop a baseline for how we expect link building to impact and improve a given site. If a site is already performing strongly, it will not only be easier to have sponsored posts help, it will also be easier to have great sites (I’m talking really great, like everyone you know has heard of them great) link to your site.

If that is not the case, have no fear! Link building can also have an incredibly positive impact on sites that are quite literally brand new -however best to focus on white hat techniques only.. It might just take a bit more time and bit more work on the side of our writers and expert SEO employees. 

No matter how your site is performing before you starting working with OutReachFrog, there is one thing that matters no matter what.

Focus on Quality Links 

When it came to our travel site (we cannot disclose the URL per our customer agreement), they were a middling company that was looking to garner more customers so they could help more people get the vacations they deserved.

Part of making sure the right eyes landed on their homepage was to make sure that the links we built were from quality sites that reflected positively on our client. 

While in the past, link building simply meant having sites – no matter how good or what niche – linking out to you. 

Now, it is a far more precise science. 

One link from one of the most reputable non-competitor sites in your niche or industry can have a great impact on your site’s SEO and organic traffic than 100 links from pages are unimpressive or unrelated. 

That is why our wide network of websites across all common niches online is so important. We have spent years developing a wide web of sites that know we are responsible and trusted professional partners. 

If we somehow do not have pre-existing relationships with sites that could greatly benefit you from just one line, our SEO experts make it their number one priority to make sure that we have a list of quality sites that can serve you and your clients incredibly well. 

How we do this 

So, if we do not already have a site that could work perfectly for you, what are we supposed to do? You might have run into this very problem if you have tried to build links of your own.

Luckily, we have a tried and true strategy that is part of what has made us so successful.

We call it digital public relations, but what it really amounts to is just appealing to the human behind the screen and letting them know that the work our expert writers can offer is in fact mutually beneficial. 

After all, just like your site needs a steady, if not daily, the flow of content, so too do other websites across the world wide web. What guest posting offers them is not only the fee that they charge, but also content that they did not have to spend any man hours on. That’s a win-win if I have ever heard of one. 

But how do we appeal to that human that I just mentioned? It’s pretty easy. 

Basically you propose the mutually beneficial partnership and explain how it will help them rather than just sending out a carpet-bomb email along the lines of “can we write a guest post please?”

If they get the feel that you (and I mean we) are not only real people with a real business, but are also great and passionate writers, the chances of getting the green light grow in a huge way. 

This process is fairly simply but is also quite time consuming, that is why is is a great task for you and your clients to outsource to us. In all cases, we apply a personalized approach to all outreach and therefore have a much greater success rate compared to the shotgun approach of sending out a cookie cutter email to hundreds or thousands of prospects.

We work on building relationships and a rapport with both our media and non-media contacts. It’s an important part of our business and is one of the reasons our customers always leave satisfied.

Let us handle the heavy lifting of search engine optimization and link building so that you can focus on making the improvements your site and your company needs.

Once we have secured a strong partnership that we can utilize to build valuable links and powerlinks, we have our expert writers take the reins. For this travel site that we worked with, we created content such as:

  • Best place to travel for family holidays
  • What hotspot destinations are cheapest to travel to during specific times of years
  • How to have fun at a resort during the offseason for cheap
  • And much more 

So once the site that you want to publish a sponsored post to has been decided and once the content that not only makes your site looks great thanks to its engaging and educational content, but also makes the site you are posting to look good, what’s next?

The link-building process of course!

Link building

link building technique

As already mentioned, the approach in this specific case was particularly difficult not only because it was for a site that was just getting off the ground, but also for a site that was in the crowded market of travel sites.

That fact led the site and us at OutReachFrog to decide that the best plan of action was to publish a number of different articles per month over a span of four months, as that is what this small business wanted in SEO.

From there, we built numerous quality links that we internally linked back to both the homepage, FAQ page, and many informational pages on the client’s site. 

After this, it’s not just a job well done and a pat on the back. We make sure to further analyze all the backlinks that have been build and gone live to find out more information in terms of what is working and what is not working. 

Brand building 

brand building

With this particular site, link building was not the only job we did. We also agreed that the site needed some brand building work on the SEO side of things, to help this client in their particular SEO niche.

For this client, the brand name was one of the its primary keywords, so building the brand and targeting the correct keywords was closely linked. 

Digital pR and content marketing are both incredibly important aspects of brand building strategies in their own respect. In this way, brand building and link building have a geat symbiosis in which they help one another. 

That being said, it did put our SEO experts’ abilities to the test. Luckily, they passed with flying colors. 


By the end of our four-month period of link building, the site had enjoyed incredible improvements. Organic traffic jumped from under 20K unique visitors per month to well over 100K. 

Not only that, but it’s Domain Authority (perhaps unsurprisingly) improved as well. Confused about Domain Authority? See how to find it with these free position tracking tools.

All this led to a marked increase in brand awareness and engagement. That not only helped them find success in their region and the regions they served, but it also helped improve the brand’s national awareness. 

These results are extraordinary, but they are not altogether rare. As SEO algorithms continue to become increasingly advanced, customers are finding more and more that they are able to find precisely what they are looking for online. 

If you are confident that you have what your customers are looking for and are making sure to do everything on your end to make that clear, OutReachFrog can help you go a very long way in terms of getting the right eyes on your site.

OutReach Frog helps clients rank higher in search in a whole range of industries from legal to real estate.

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