Page Title & SEO -Why it Matters

Hey SEO superstars.. Ok, so this article will cover the importance of useful page titles and how to pick page titles for SEO. Both from a keyword perspective and also helping your click through rate – another important ranking factor in search marketing. Let’s dive right in.

A page title is whats contained in the <title> tag of your website.. or more simply what shows up when someone searches a keyword in a search engine.

Why do page titles matter?

Simplistically, the page title shows the user what your article is about. A page title appears in a search result as a clickable link and is the most visible aspect of your page content that is provided to a user. Also a page title shows up the top of most browsers in the top bar when visitors are actually on your site.

Some are better than others… for instance if the page title was ‘Rabbit Boarding’ its simple and to the point… but sometimes simple and to the point is not what works best..

Why is that?

Well search engines are in the business of providing useful information to their customers.. that’s right.. people who utilize search are the search engines customers.. and very profitable customers at that… See more here..

So search engines want the results to be as relevant to the customers search as possible…. So the first thing to do is to make sure your page titles are as relevant as possible to what your content is about….

Now, before you run off and start changing page titles, be very careful… We do not recommend changing page titles.. ever…

So this is something to keep in mind for new pages only.

Enhanced Page Titles For SEO

To take your page titles to the next level we recommend the following

  1. Do a search for the keyword you think your article is best placed for.
  2. Then aim for a title that will stand out on that first page, while still being useful, relevant to your content


For instance – running a page title “5-Star Rabbit Boarding” – can be a way to stand out… while still being relevant – if that is the service that your company or agency provides.

While a title such as “Funny videos of Rabbits Using Ipads” may stand out even more and capture searchers attention – as its not relevant to the search query or your content this might not be best to get the results you need.

So this comes back to using common sense… as well as understanding and respecting SEO as a creative art form.. (albeit one that requires a some pre-requisite technical knowledge). See here for easy SEO tips.


CTR or click through rate is a big factor in helping your site rank for a certain keyword…. As users are presented with only a title and meta description, these are the key levers within your control to enable your page to stand out, and get the clicks over your competitors. This in turn helps your website rank higher.


Just make sure to keep your content relevant and work on keeping users on your page with content thats supportive and related to your title!

Thats it, hope you found this useful. For additional tips or if you are looking for help with blogger outreach and want to get started online then get in contact with our team!